Our Products in Canada
Our Heat Pipe based and U-tube based Solar Collectors are best for anti-freezing and mains pressure applications
State of Art Products
Legend Solar Developing and Manufacturing Various State of Art Products
Leading in Manufacturing
Legend Solar posses latest solar water heating system production lines and technical know-how
Sunergy Solar makes the installation of solar hot water engineering projects as simple as mounting residential electrical water heaters. This simplicity are not in the cost of lossing any performance and functions, and in fact the easy installing Sunergy hot solar water centes are one of the most reliable, efficient, king-style and powerful pressurized solar thermal systems which are suitable for big families and Hotels etc.

Using latest patented technology, Sunergy Solar are pioneering in manufacturing non-heat pipe based pressurized vacuum tube solar water heaters.including systems with instantant heat exchanger (copper coils) and systems with storage heater exchanger (nested inner tanks).
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